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01-22-2012, 11:05 PM
Beaten the Orrellious RA nearly evey time (sometimes even with 4 people). best advice:

- Always take out Regen Probes first (and also if they respawn)

- Watch for Plasma Bolts and fire at them quickly if they're in range - then switch back to B'Ger

- IGNORE any of the other probe types (Tractor, etc.) and just focus fire on B'Ger. (And clean them up AFTER B'Ger blows up.)

- Constantly fire everything you have and remember to fly along and rotate your ship a bit so any front and rear Torpedo launchers fre as often as possible.

- Use any Debuff, DPS boost and EPtW powers as soon as they become available again (DPS is king in this encounter)

- Let yourself get below 50% at the start of the fight and get you 'Fleet Support' out (every bit of DPS helps; but be sure to heal after you've fired it off.)

It's designed to be the TOUGHEST Borg RA in STO - as all the Borg there are Leve 52; andanyone bumped up is only bumped to 45, etc.

If you still find it too difficult (and you're not Level 50 yet); resist the urge to join in. The majority of the rest of the sectors are ROFL easy for max level chaarcters.