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01-23-2012, 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by gardulec
Example of near every European user:
Data to corroborate this statement?
Wake up, and smell the ashes.
Wake up and go outside.
What reality is. What can you see in the morning? People are going to the work or to the school, are sitting there up to the late afternoon. Then they are getting back home and have a free time time theoretically, when a technical break at the game just appears.

Do you think that it is differently?
(In UE time zone)

The best way to remember Cryptic as far as this game is concerned is "We only care about our American players

This argument would work if we were talking about employees developing content and not IT. Companies that operate around the clock with user access will always have a tech(s) on the clock. So it wouldn't be hard for them to restart the servers during their normal 'night hours'.
Most big companies are uploading new patches in the time when most players are offline. As I said - I can't belive that most players are offline in the middle of free-time in Europe. As we all know, there is possibility to upload a new patch in other time, but... why not? That's the question.

Because it is early night into US or the early morning in EU? What is the problem? Game authors must be physical in front of server to upload a new patch or restart? Isn't it possible to do it remotely or differently? It is a question and as long as we don't receive the reply from dev, there will be many frustrated players.