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01-23-2012, 05:28 AM
On your bridge officer skills first you have a lot of "team" abilities, like tac team sci team etc and I'm pretty sure they all share the same cooldown so taking out at least one would be good. (I like to use two tac teams also as our flimsy escort shields and turn rates get much benefit from the auto shield facings but you have that so )

You might consider getting two emergency power to shields as this keeps the ability up all the time.

Also in your skill tree you have a lot of 9's about, while I'm not adverse to the idea, spending above 6 is good if you know you're getting exactly what you want, and the small improvement from 6-9 might sometimes be spent in the 0-3 or more of other skills for optimum points spending.

Ofc it depends on how you play so best is get pvping pveing etc and see what feels right.