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Here is my layout i use 3 plasma DHC, 1 Tetryon DHC up front 2 plasma Turret and 1 Tetryon Turret in back.
Do plan to get to 3dhc 1 torp front and 3 turrets in back back. Now i would like to know wich type of DHC to use and what consoles i should mount.
First: Stick with one single type of energy weapons. In general phasers are considered the most powerful choice since it can shut subsystems (shields!) down, followed by disruptor and antiproton. Plasma can be considered as worst choice, especially in PvP (most sets have an inherent plasma resistance)
As for consoles: Always use the specific ones for your type, they give a bigger bonus than the general purpose ones.

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My skill tree:
A lot of 9ers, good if you have a specific role in mind your char should perform, not so good if you like flexibility (in that case you should usually go with 6)

Originally Posted by Anathosion View Post
Tac1: tactical team I, Torpedo high yield II, cannon:rapid fire II,attack pattern omega III
tac2: tactical team I,rapid fire I,attack pattern beta II

Eng: eng team I,Emergency power to shields II

Sci1: Science team I, hazard emitters II
Sci2: Polarize hull I
Due to global cooldowns you can't chain more than 2 of your 4 team abilities, might consider to replace at least one with another ability.

Beside that it comes down to the individual preferences and your focus (PvP, PvE, STFs) to decide which BO ability could be used in which slot.