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01-23-2012, 08:17 AM
Armour works fine for me too.

Best possible engine deflector shield etc set up borg consol, borg engine, delflector and maco shield give you best defence for any build , due to auto heals and resists.

Sadly for PvE it's much better use an Escort just now, particularly in STFs a sci ship just can't do enough Damage it's a liability, the sci skills, grav well, tachyon, cpb, tykens, tractors / repulsors etc just simply don't make up for this lack of DPS , an escort equipped with double cannons is far more use to the team .

See the PvE escort thread for load out, I have an escort fully equipped for PvE I just switch into at one click if I am doing PvE and keep my sci ship for PvP.