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01-23-2012, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
Precisely why I suggested possibly making the Lt. Commander slot Universal. Besides, The COMMANDER SLOT IS STILL ENGINEER!

I simply suggest that the current Negh'Var BOFF layour with three engineering slots be reassigned to another ship, such as a Tier 5 retrofit K'Tanco (Currently a Tier 2 cruiser).

I HAVE thought long and hard about this for over a year before proposeing it. About the only think I am changing is the BOFF layout, not the rest of the ship's stats. Also, what about the balance of the C-Store ships below Tier 5. They are MUCH better than their counterparts. At Tier 3, the C-store ships have Tier 4 BOFF layouts plus an additional consol slot.
The Commander ENG and the LT Commander slot expose most of the important TEAM SUPPORT abilities. One of those is undeboutably going to be equipped with EPtS III.

Replace one you lose the ability to load ES III, ENG III or EptAux II (I think). Also, you lose any offensive capability in terms of EPW III and DEM III if you want to use them.