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01-23-2012, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by CaptEwen
Hello Captains, I'm new to STO and have been leveling by going through the missions given by Admiral Quinn. I don't think I have done any of the featured episodes yet.

Is there a suggested order to do the missions + featured episodes?

I mean, should I wait until a certain level to start doing the FE's or pretty much can do them at any time? Thanks!
All of the current 'Featured Episdoes' have been incorperated into the episode 'story line'... So just call up your mission journal, and do the missions in the required order, and eventually, you'll hit one... (I belive the Devidian FE is first as part of the Klingon episodes, Romulan FE is in the Romulan episode block, etc..)