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01-23-2012, 10:14 AM
Hi aestu,

Not so good news for you, seems that Cryptic and its business partners have just removed STO packages from the market just prior to this F2P launch...

1. As the STO Referral Programme had just been closed and you cannot refer new players to STO, The Photonic Bridge Officer referral award is not available anymore.

You can still buy a Photonic BO from the Exchange for a (high) fee, usually from the 2011 Christmas lottery package that yielded the Photonic BO... but be aware that this is *only* for one of your characters (not character-wide unlock).

2. For the Digital Deluxe Edition, even Cryptic had taken this item off its website, don't sell it anymore?
Don't think you can buy the STO DDE anymore. Anyone can confirm this?

For the Steam Edition of the Digital Deluxe Edition, you get:
a) Steam exclusive: chromodynamic armor ==> nice starter item
b) Steam exclusive: Phaser Turrent Unlock (Tactical Console)
c) Automated Defense Battery (Tactical Console) ==> One of the nicer items you can play up to end-game!
d) NX-Registry Prefix
e) TOS Uniform Set
f) Emotes x2 that no one seem to use.