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# 1 Fleet Escort question
01-23-2012, 10:17 AM
Actually this is a tier ship question.... I just hit VA a couple of days ago. I received my token and am already flying a Fleet Escort... My question is: is this the last ship I can get without buying C-store credits as any of the other ones seem to take C-store credits in order to purchase? I played 1-49 before I took a really long break to play another game and just came back and hit VA... So currently I'm a silver member. What tier is the FLeet Escort ship? 4 or 5? Would there be any advantage to getting one of the credit bought ships? My head is still spinning from all the changes with everything... So any insight into this little mystery would be greatly appreciated... Also I'm in search for a new active fleet preferably with 18+ adults guild. Send me a PM if your currently recruiting. Thanks in advance!