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01-23-2012, 10:22 AM
Make sure you are level matching at all times. If you get out of range for too long, you will stop level matching.

First, make sure the lower level player is squad leader, which by default is also the team leader.
Whoever the team leader is, can make someone else the squad leader by right clicking their portrait and setting them to squad leader.

Note that while by default, the person that creates the group is both, they are actually two separate things. You can create the group with your Admiral, and just make the other person squad leader without giving up team leader abilities.

When you are NOT the squad leader, you'll see just to the left of their portrait an icon that tells you if you are currently level matching or not. I think it looks like parallel or crossed swords, but I don't remember for sure - I haven't really looked closely at the icon, but you can click that to toggle on or off level matching to the squad leader.

I find the feature works quite well. As long as you're level matching, it doesn't matter if you zone in first or not, since you're treated as the squad leader's level if you are.