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Krovennan was working at the desk in his quarters when the call sounded, he was needed urgently in the Mess Hall. Dropping the PADD he had been working on he bolted from the chair and ran for the door, picking up his Manna'gahr along the way and affixing it to the arm slot on his combat gear, which he had been wearing for Weapons training a few minutes ago to hold it in place.

As Krovennan passed through the doors of his quarters he was almost immediately flanked by Kri'gak and several of his officers, the group of five rushed to the Turbolift and one of the officers called for the Turbolift to head to Deck 4, where the Mess Hall was, just in time to enter before the doors shut on him.

"Status report Kri'gak, what happened?"

"Apparently an accident occured, someone fell and knocked a crewman's food onto the floor, the crewman did not take to it well and began hurling insults at the one who tripped, then proceeded to rile up some of the others while begin insulting the rest."

"Seems rather disproportionate to the circumstances, we've only been rationing for ten days."

"Yes sir, apparently this crewman has a mental disorder that makes him prone to such outbursts over trivial matters, suffice to say, the instigation has blown into a full blown riot, Kel was in there and tried to calm the men down, with the fact he is a Breen and the situation we are in being caused by the Breen. It would appear this crewman has slipped into a psychosis and is no longer thinking rationally, he has engaged Kel"

"Kel is tough, but he won't last forever."

"Aye sir, Thankfully it's only started recently, the Cook has taken a few of the bystanders and barricaded them with him in the kitchen, if we can detain the uprisers, the situation will calm down."

"Agreed, we don't know exactly what will happen in here, once we get in, I want you to assess the situation in the Kitchen immediately, the rest of you, weapons on high stun, you may only use stun grenades if absolutely necessary, we do not want to catch innocents in the altercation, do I make myself clear?"


"Yes sir!"

"Crystal sir!"

"Good, here we go, no wasting time, get in there!"

"The Turbolift's doors opened and the group rushed out, Krovennan taking the lead with the others right behind him, the lights and gravity had been reduced, allowing the group to run faster than normal, already they could hear a commotion of shouts, screams of pain, and sounds of fistfights. The group burst into the Mess Hall to witness anarchy, the rioters had dispersed, a few braver crewmen holding them away from the weaker or younger crewmen, not to mention any of their families.

Kri'gak headed to the Kitchen, which had been sealed off by a Duranium shutter, and knocked on the door, the chef, a pudgy old Human man, opened the door to let Kri'gak in to assess the ones inside, shutting the door immediately, the three security officers were busy breaking up the fights as best they can, using their pistols to stun the rioters. Krovennan sccanned the area and noticed, hidden among the throng, the unmistakeable sound of a Breen vocal communicator.

Kel had been cornered by the one who instigated it all, a tall, burly Trill Engineer, the Trill and Kel were surrounded by a section of the outside-facing wall and a close-knit semi-circle of crewmen, some were cheering on the fight, others trying to push their way through to stop it. Kel knew he could not reason with someone he could barely communicate with, so he had no choice but to hold his ground.

The Trill had been completely overcome by his anger, apparently setting into a psychosis, Kel defended himself as best he could, but the Trill attacked with the savagery of a wild animal, kicking and punching wildly with no intention of easing up, Krel took several hard hits, grunting through his suit's communicator each time he was hit. For most people, this was the most they had heard the normally stoic Breen say.

Krovennan assessed the situation quickly and came to the conclusion Kel was going to lose, the Kitchen's shutter had been opened to help ferry the bystanders out of the Mess Hall, a young blond Human woman, bearing the mark of the Astrometrics Department, was hiding under a counter, she was being coerced out when she tripped over herself in panic. Before the woman could get up, a rioter kicked one of the defenders into a large pot of boiling water, the water cascaded downwardsand completely covered the woman.

Krovennan almost cringed at the girl's screams of agony, the boiling water had completely covered her in large burns and she had taken to shaking uncontrollably from the pain, the water still burning her as Kri'gak called in a medical emergency and rushed to aid her. Krovennan had to end this, and the only way he could do that was detain the one who instigated everything, and from the looks of his brutal attacks on Kel, he would have to be quick, readying his weapon, Krovennan pushed through the crowd, using the flat sides of the weapon he was able to push the crowd aside, but it began to thicken as he neared Kel. Krovennan doubled his efforts to push through, having to knock out a couple of officers as he pushed through.

Kel was sitting on the floor, the Trill Engineer having beaten him hard, but for some reason had walked off suddenly, Kel thought he may have found a new target for his anger, but it was not to be. Taking advantage of his own strength and the low gravity, the Trill had picked up one of the tables ad was carrying it over his head towards Kel, Kel knew exactly what he planned to do with that, but was unable to move from the beating he had already received.

The Trill readied the circular table, grasping it's singular leg like a mace, with encouragement from the crowd he began to raise it over his head in readiness to strike, the shouting increased as reinforcement Security officers arrived, the sound of stun Phasers going off in the distance. The Trill began to bring the table down, but before he could hit Kel, there was a glint of metal and the table was seperated from the leg in one motion, the table flew off into the crowd, thankfully not heavy enough to cause any damage with the low gravity.

Krovennan had made it just in time, Manna'gahr severing the table in one go, before the Trill could properly react from the sudden action, Krovennan placed his arm in front of him, horizontal so that the Manna'gahr acted as a makeshift riot shield, Krovennan ran forward a couple of steps, barging into the Trill, forcing him to drop the table leg nearby. The Trill was stunned and glared at Krovennan in anger.

"Crewman! Stand down!"

All the response Krovennan got was a roar of anger as the Trill rushed Krovennan, the man aimed a wild punch at Krovennan, which he deflected to his right with his left hand, before using that same hand to backhand the Trill, spinning him around to face the other way, Krovennan, already incensed at this man, grabbed the back of his collar and the back of his belt. Using the low gravity, his Vilscaran strength, and his own anger, Krovennan threw the man away from Kel, the crowd, which had now almost totally died down upon seeing the spectacle (and fearing they would be next), parted to make a path between Krovennan and the temporarily flying Trill.

The Trill crashed into a nearby table that had so far survived the riot, knocking it over and falling into a heap behind it. Krovennan rolled his shoulder, resulting in a series of cracks from his neck.

"I will not say this again crewman, Stand down! That is an order! Stand down or I will MAKE you stand down!"

The Trill merely stood up again, knocking the table aside and screamed at Krovennan as he charged him again, his mind completely lost to the psychosis. Krovennan sighed, he realised he would have to incapacitate this crewman in a more direct manner. He only hoped that when this was over, the man would calm down enough to be reasoned with.

Krovennan entered a combat stance and waited until the Trill was almost on him, then brought his weapon down at a diagonal angle, the weapon's edge cleaved into the Trill's right shin, leaving a thin gash across it, as the shock and pain took hold of the man, forcing him to clutch his leg and stop his charge, Krovennan moved his Manna'gahr up and to the left, before bringing the rear point down sharply onto the Trill's left foot. As the man was effectively pinned by the weapon, Krovennan disengaged it from the slot on his combat kit with a flick of his arm, before the Trill could react, Krovennan delivered a right cross to the side of the man's head, knocking him out cold.

Krovennan removed his weapon from the Trill's foot and shook the droplets of blood of the weapon, it was an unfavourable action, but the man had been consumed by his own rage and Krovennan had no choice. as the Mess Hall fell silent Krovennan called Sickbay to prepare for the new patients, the Mess Hall was in tatters, and it had all started over a spilt dinner and frayed minds. Krovennan found a long table and pulled it upright again, he began to stand on it as the last of the rioters was detained, he began to address everyone assembled there.

"Starfleet Officers, I am disappointed, no, worse than disappointed, I am disgusted! You allowed your anger, your fear, to get the better of you and look at what has been done, we are scraping the barrel as it is, to spend more resources to feed you after this is an abhorrent insult to myself and every innocent officer on board this ship!

Kri'gak, throw the instigators in the brig, they are to receive half their normal rations in there, and also, unless they are in danger, they will not receive treatment for their wounds, we will save that for the innocents that were hurt today."

As if to emphasise his point, the young woman who had been burned was being carried out by two of the Security Officers. A few of the rioters stared at the floor, unable to lift their heads. Krovennan did not require them to, they only had to hear what he was saying.

"The rest of you, you will find yourself one meal less thanks to your friends who will be staying in the Brig for the remainder of the voyage, if I hear of such a riot again, you'll look back at this punishment as lenient, understand? On a Vilscaran Vessel, such behaviour would have gotten these rioters stripped of their military status on the spot, so be thankful this is not a Vilscaran Vessel.

Everyone but the wounded and medical personnel, you are dismissed!"

The crowd hurried out of the Mess Hall, they knew not to argue, Krovennan stepped down from the table and approached Kel, who was being scanned by Drehera's Omni-Visor.

"You alright Kel?"

Kel merely nodded in response, Krovennan walked out and headed back to his quarters, he would have to assess the situation later, right now he had to figure out how they were going to recover from this.