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01-23-2012, 04:34 PM
Im just going to show you my Tactical Escort Retrofit build. I mad this build specifically for Elite STF runs, but it works very well in all aspects. I have done alot of research on the best damage builds for this ship, and most elite players like myself would agree. So here it is: (dont give away my secret)

I use the complete Borg Retro STF Set.
All of my weapons are MK XII Borg weapons.

Front: 2x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons, 1x Phaser Quad Cannons, 1x Quantum Torpedo
Rear: 3x Phaser Turret

All of my consoles are MK XI Rare.

Engineering: EPS Flow Regulator, Field Generator, Assimilated Module
Science: Biofunction Monitor, Graviton Generator
Tactical: 3x Phaser Relay, 1x Zero point quantum chamber

My BOFF's:

CDR Tac: Tac Team 1, Scatter Volley 1, High yield 3, rapid fire 3
LTCDR Tac; Tac Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2

LT Eng: Em. Power Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1

Lt Sci: Hazard Emitter 1, Tractor Beam Repulsor 1

Just a couple notes on this build:

1. It is purely a damage build. You do have some survivability, basically enough to let you run away when taking heavy damage. You wont last long if you hang around while being shot by a cube or multiple spheres.

2. Here is how i use my powers on attack. I use 2 different patterns based on cooldown/amount of targets.
Attack Alpha, Fire on my mark, rapid fire 3.....start shooting.....then high yield 3 for the kill when shields drop.

Attack Beta, Tac Team, Scatter volley....start shooting....torpedo spread when shields are down.

3. I use a rechargable shield battery & subspace field modulator. I always pop by shield battery right before i enter battle so my shield power jumps to 125, which helps with shield regeneration and overall survivability.

4. I keep my weapon power maxed to 125. If you dont, your DPS will lack.

Thats about it, send me a comment or question if you have any.