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01-23-2012, 06:39 PM
A note on the Beam Build options...

A couple nights ago, I switched out my cannons, and I now run the following:

Advanced Escort (Prometheus class)

1x Dual Heavy Cannons, 1x Dual Beam Bank, 1x Beam Array, 1x Quantum Torpedo

2x Beam Arrays, 1x Quantum Torpedo

In my Engineering slots, I use an armor plating, that gives +24 to Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, and Tetryon (I think that's the fourth), and a +35% Shield Capacity.

My Science slots, the Multi-Vector console, the Assimilated console, and the one with +18 Emitters (For my shield heals).

Tac Consoles: 2x Phaser damage, 2x Quantum damage.

For my Boff slots, I keep High yield 1 and 3, Torpedo Spread 1, Beam Overload 2, Rapid Fire 2 (I'll edit when I see my other skills, I can't remember at the moment).

Using the older cannon build, I would sit out at 7 - 8 km, and just pound at the enemies. I was doing about 300 damage per hit (Average, of course).

Using this build, I get up close and personal, and I am averaging about 700 - 1000 damage per hit. Major increase. I like this build a lot.