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01-23-2012, 08:00 PM
I made some modifications today

Front: 3x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons, 1x Quantum Torpedo
Rear: 3x Phaser Turret

Engineering: EPS Flow Regulator and armor
Science: Biofunction Monitor, Graviton Generator, grapple hook
Tactical: 3x Phaser Relay, 1x Zero point quantum chamber

My BOFF's:

CDR Tac: Torpedo Spread 1 Tac Team 2, rapid fire 2, omega 3
LTCDR Tac: Tac Team 1, rapid fire 1, Attack Pattern Beta 2

LT Eng: Em. Power Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 2

Lt Sci: transfer shield strenght 1,Hazard Emitter 2
Sci: polarize hull 1

I was wondering if i should drop Reverse Shield Polarity 2 for another EPTS so i could cycle it like i do with my rapid fire and tac team. I am in advance escort so it limited, Reverse Shield Polarity is great secret weapon if they gank on you but 2 EPTS would mean i could run them all the time. So what you guys think about it?