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01-23-2012, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by AviKerensky View Post
1x Dual Heavy Cannons, 1x Dual Beam Bank, 1x Beam Array, 1x Quantum Torpedo

2x Beam Arrays, 1x Quantum Torpedo
Wow. Those are some really screwed up firing arcs...

The fore Quantum + DBB and Cannon would indicate that you should be facing your target, but there are no turrets in the back, so that's out. And the 3 beam arrays would indicate a broadsides approach, but then the DBB and quantums are useless. And having both a fore and aft torp means that one of them is pretty much always useless. And then there is the issue of mixing cannons and beams, making your BO skills sub-optimal.

Really, I'm not sure that I could some up with a worse weapon configuration for an escort if I was purposefully trying to do so.