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01-23-2012, 07:29 PM
The grab bag controversy: Will it end?

Rivera was bluntly honest about the grab bags that were introduced in the game last December. Simply put: Yes, they were a hit, and no, they will not be going away. Rivera explained that while the revenue-generating gimmicks were very successful, they were also used as a means to get ships into the game, ships that most likely never would have seen the light of the monitor before now. CBS did not approve the generalized use of the Jem'Hadar attack ships in game because company representatives felt that portraying a majority of Starfleet officers flying enemy vessels was counter to the image they want to convey. CBS was amenable, however, to allowing the ships to appear in "ultra rare" circumstances, making the Dominion ships the perfect choice for the STO's first game-of-chance.

He stated there was a possibility other atypical ships or items may make appearances via a grab-bag, especially items that CBS may be more open to allowing on an ultra-rare basis. The mention of a Tier-5 Constitution class came up as an example, but he confirmed that no formal discussions have occurred with CBS about any ship, let alone a "Tier-5 Connie."

However, Rivera was able to confirm that there are no plans to release the new Odyssey class ships in this fashion and reiterated that they will be available via in-game currency or for purchase in the C-Store.

Rivera was also adamant that the revenue generated by the grab bags will allow the team to put more time and money into hiring and development of more featured content that is necessary to keep players interested in the game.
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