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01-23-2012, 11:39 PM
This was a horrible article, on the basis that its another derivative of nearly every article, podcast, and announcement that has been put up going into, and since F2P went live. I think this was the third source that stated Foundry was originally for Neverwinter, with no exact details on what's coming up next. Same goes about talking about how Cryptic couldn't say anything about the change over from Atari, and trying to offer explanation as to why they haven't announced any concrete details about upcoming material. I have sat at the edge of my seat every time I come to this site to look for new information, and when I do, its the same recycled material. Meanwhile, the PWE banner has been officially on the site for a week or so, and I've been pulling my hair out every time I see a new Odyssey-Class picture, wallpaper, and screenshot attached to an article on the news feed, but nothing substantial. I'm not going to ragequit over this, I'm not going to post and say that I'm done with the game for good. I'm trying to put on a dramatic enough display to get your attention because it matters to me.

I love this game, and I'm calling you out, Cryptic. Stop sharing rehashes of interviews containing vague responses. I want something new on the Calendar. I want real information about the Odyssey, or the Klingon Flagship. I want something. No more of this, "We're adding new stuff. Can't say what. Can't say when. But just wait; it's coming."