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1. i have tried to transfer 1000zen to star trek but pw wants that i choose a server but no serverchoice is enlighted only a greyed 'no characters" and as third a greyed select amount with no choice to type .

2. i have digital version and want to make a subsription with PAYPAL but i see this on my dashboard:

Activated Features

Star Trek Online - Digital Deluxe
Star Trek Online


Subscribed For: 0.97 days
Resume subscription creation
Change this subscription

after typing my informations for paypal the window changes and on the left side ther is no payment information from cryptic for paypal and nothing works at paypal.

PW-support sends automatic reaction but i wait 36 hrs now and its long time if u want to pay for a thing:

EDIT: i have PW-account only
and i have send petition ingame with these informations 12hrs ago