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01-24-2012, 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by Pardigm
I would LOVE to sit down with devs and flesh out their ideas, the communities ideas, and my ideas for a MAJOR push into Fleet controlled Starbases and Territory control. The following thread: CLICK HERE! already started this discussion off right.

I know devs go home to their family's at night and otherwise have a life other than work, as do I. I'm willing to put aside everyday life for a couple of nights on Skype or something with Whiteboard for a "meeting of the minds" if you will to really get the ball rolling on this content.

Shoot me an email and others giving good input to this general topic and we can schedule something. Heck, if the community can design our own ship and it be adopted by CBS and Star Trek canon, then why not mine all of our collective thoughts for good ideas in how to develop a canon based, second-to-NONE endgame for this wonderful game?

I've Alpha and Beta tested many, MANY games, personally created content for mods for other games and and have an incredible eye for detail. If you guys need cheap manpower, I'd be happy to chip in.
Yeah, I have tested InDev, Pre-Alpha, Alpha, and Closed and Open beta tested many games(And Operating systems), I actually keep a word file on which one's I have tested, since I lose track all the time. I would give anything to sit down with the developers, and tell them what the player base actually wants (since it seems to take them 2 months to figure it out, after releasing something we don't want or need). Of course there are so many people wanting to do this, if they choose a few people to talk with, then those people are probably going to be picked on by the rest of the community, with people saying 'why didn't you mention THIS idea' and the entire thing will turn into a flame war. Unless, of course, they do is secretly.

My idea would be to select some 'Community Representatives' (Even volunteers, I would be happy to be one with no pay). People like me that check these forums 40 times a day (no, really, I actually do), that can relay what people are mainly asking for within the community, straight to the developers.