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I just got back on playing after taking some time off from the game. I was wondering if Pulse Weapons are still viable for the Escorts. I just made Vice Admiral last night and got my new Defiant class ship.

I have Tetryon Cannons on the front with two I believe Tri Cobalt Launchers. Then I have two Tetryon turrets on the rear and once more Launcher there too.

What is the best weapon layout for this ship to do the most DPS/DMG

Is it better to stick with mostly or all cannons and turrets in the rear. Or should I add phasers to the ship in the rear?

I need to find out the best solution here and if using Torp Launchers are good and what ones to use. as with phasers/Cannons.

Just trying to figure out the best solution for me right now.

Appreciate any help.