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01-24-2012, 01:16 PM
Hi all,

Beta and launch player who dropped off since I can only afford one MMO at a time. I thoroughly enjoyed STO at launch and for a few months and am back now and loving the changes.

However, I am WAY out of the loop now and especially so since I have switched from a cruiser to an escort. I can't believe I never made the switch earlier. I bought the escort retro and love it.

I am a Lt. Commander (tactical) on the cusp of ranking up to Captain. I have read the tread and taken some of the advice and tested it out and had a few questions:

1. I did have phaser and disruptor cannons mixed at first, but remedied that with all phaser cannons (and a turret). I also got the appropriate phaser based consoles. While I like the bonus to taking out subsystems wouldn't our enemies (and correct me if I'm wrong) have builds specifically designed to diminish phaser damage? I would think most ships are designed to resist damage from their primary enemy, just as getting disruptor mitigation would make sense if I went up against Klingon ships a lot. Is there a benefit to me getting all disruptor cannons as my enemies might expect phaser damage from me? (a Fed player)

2. I removed "Target Subsystem Shields" on a BO to go with a second Tac Team ability (as suggested by the OP). If I do happen to go disruptors and loose my subsystem bonus from phasers, should I get "Target Subsystem Shields" again? I felt I was able to drop enemy shields MUCH faster before and while the other Tac Team is ok, I'm not sure I'm getting the full benefit I would as from a quick fight.

3. (stupid question #1) Are cannons considered beam weapons? I had a beam array skill and I wasn't sure if it was being used properly since I had all cannons and a turret.

4. (stupid question #2) Is "Mask Energy Signature ??" a cloak? I read replies on here stating that one of the defiant class ships is the only one to have a cloak, but I remember using MES on my cruiser and it seemed to act very much like a cloak.

Thanks, and I'll be keeping my eye on this thread for more great advice.