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01-24-2012, 02:39 PM
First of all, just need to remind you that this thread is for an STF build for fighting the borg in the STFs. It is not a PVP build, although it will certainly be ok for most other PVE missions. It applies to T5 ships and above. Answers below are in yellow.

Originally Posted by BumblingBee
Hi all,

Beta and launch player who dropped off since I can only afford one MMO at a time. I thoroughly enjoyed STO at launch and for a few months and am back now and loving the changes.

However, I am WAY out of the loop now and especially so since I have switched from a cruiser to an escort. I can't believe I never made the switch earlier. I bought the escort retro and love it.

I am a Lt. Commander (tactical) on the cusp of ranking up to Captain. I have read the tread and taken some of the advice and tested it out and had a few questions:

Are you LtCom going to Commander? Or are you Commander going to Captain?

1. I did have phaser and disruptor cannons mixed at first, but remedied that with all phaser cannons (and a turret). I also got the appropriate phaser based consoles. While I like the bonus to taking out subsystems wouldn't our enemies (and correct me if I'm wrong) have builds specifically designed to diminish phaser damage? I would think most ships are designed to resist damage from their primary enemy, just as getting disruptor mitigation would make sense if I went up against Klingon ships a lot. Is there a benefit to me getting all disruptor cannons as my enemies might expect phaser damage from me? (a Fed player)

The borg do not have phaser resists as far as I know. If you are talking PVP, then yes, you may run into players with Phaser resist armor.

2. I removed "Target Subsystem Shields" on a BO to go with a second Tac Team ability (as suggested by the OP). If I do happen to go disruptors and loose my subsystem bonus from phasers, should I get "Target Subsystem Shields" again? I felt I was able to drop enemy shields MUCH faster before and while the other Tac Team is ok, I'm not sure I'm getting the full benefit I would as from a quick fight.

The tac team is for shield tanking the borg. You cannot target subsystems if you use cannons.

3. (stupid question #1) Are cannons considered beam weapons? I had a beam array skill and I wasn't sure if it was being used properly since I had all cannons and a turret.

Cannons are not beams. Turrets, however, are cannons.

4. (stupid question #2) Is "Mask Energy Signature ??" a cloak? I read replies on here stating that one of the defiant class ships is the only one to have a cloak, but I remember using MES on my cruiser and it seemed to act very much like a cloak.

The defiant-retrofit ship has a cloaking device (console). It does not use MES ability. If you have high aux power and MES 3, it is very close to the cloak you get from the cloaking device. But otherwise, I think MES is meh, and certainly not useful in borg STFs.

Thanks, and I'll be keeping my eye on this thread for more great advice.