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# 2 Hidden Agendas
01-24-2012, 03:32 PM
Captain's log, supplemental.

"It's been three days, and we've been monitoring Camus II since we arrived.

Our regular away teams uncovered nothing but ruins, recently made ruins, but ruins none-the-less.

The Draco Ardere is holding geosynchronous orbit, and we haven't heard as much as a cricket chirping in astrometrics, to coin a human term. Izgaafziin reported to me earlier that another away team was sent, and I shouldn't get my hopes up... but I have a feeling that should the two of us, with appropriate security, take the place of the next team, we might find something great."

"Computer, end log."

confirmatory chime

"Izgaafziin, you ready?"

A female gorn walked from the bathroom rubbing herself off with a towel, as the captain, Mirmulnir took her into a hug, and quick kiss "Experimental procedure?" he asked as the female nodded

"It's been a few days since I got this body, and I heard of this 'showering' decided it's worth a try." Izgaafziin said leaning her head against Mirmulnir.

"Hmhm. Honestly, when you found out, and suggested leave for the procedure, I thought your memory circuts had been messed with... I didn't expect it to be reality, or even to allow you a actual body, a fine one at that." Mirmulnir replied, his hands trailing over her as she pulled away quickly

"Focus, love. Wait until after we come back safe and sound from exploring the ruins. Who knows, we might get lucky. I do not believe so though."

"Right. We must focus. these ruins do look oddly familiar though..."

"I agree. Like we have been here... wait..." The female stuck her hand no the ship, and some of the scales on her arm shifted aside, revealing a borg integration implant. Using said implant she connected with the ship, checked memory files, records, anything, even sensor logs and transporter records... and with a loud "Aha!" she removed her arm from the ship and offered it to the captain, who held out his own, and allowed her to connect to him, sharing the information she had obtained with him.

"Ancestors!" he called when the information shared had finished "That's impossible... but, what has the power to erase our sensor logs, as well as most of our memory banks of all the data on this planet? And to do it the instant we transport back?"

"I doubt even the borg have a technology that powerful... which leads me to believe this society either predates the borg, or are far more advanced. On par with the ship Vger." Izgaafziin replied the implant vanishing from where it came

"Yes, I remember the Vger incident... A civilization that advanced though? It's a scary thought... How though... We have to go down... Tell the current away team to prepare for immediate beam-up, and prep transporter room one with the equipment we will need." Mirmulnir replied as Izgaafzin rushed to complete his orders, interfacing with the ship again for efficiency

"Remember to grab any implants you might need. To stay on the safe side, I would pack a couple internal sensors, and a HUD device. As well as your normal away team gear." Izgaafziin replied as Mirmulnir made the preparations, and revealed the recharging alcove which held his, and some of Izgaafziin's implants. He placed them in their appropriate areas, hooked them to the cybernetic network that augmented his own natural one, and interfaced with them, before giving an affirmative nod to the female gorn, who grabbed the implants she would need, mostly medical, and took off for transporter room one, the captain hot on her heels.