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I completely agree with those who think the User Interface of STO could use a complete over haul based on actual players input. I have always despised ANY program that has to be Jeri rigged or other wise circumvented by the user just because it was not designed properly.

When players have “dream up” new ways cross wire things to make up for the short falls of the User Interface, then that is clear sign that the system needs to over hauled.

That being said I would like to see some very basic things included in new and improved User Interface of STO.

(1) Being able to easily keybind ANY key on our key board without the need for cumbersome DOS like commands.

(2) To have the player have the options of a vertical or horizontal control panel.

(3) To have the ability to fully control our ground officers abilities via easy access from the keyboard or mouse.

The game should easy to use for both key board user’s and mouse operators alike.

A comprehensive yet streamlined User Interface is always the most efficient.

I leave it to the players on this forum who are far wiser then I to either run with this or toss it out.