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01-24-2012, 04:32 PM
As I sit in my Bridge Wing Office i reflect on the Stellar Service or my Duty officers and Supervisory staff making this Log Possible.. IT all began one day

We of the Starship USS GRANT,Defiant class had just returned from a Temporal stability Survey in the Stardate
-310935.1971387371, when we were ordered to survey Camus II, a planet in the Oregonian ,Gateway category of restricted access under penalty of Courts MArtial.

I began the serious work of mission preparation in gathering access to all known documents
concerning this planet.
I issued a Fragmentary Order to Departments to Meet in .5 hours for a mission briefing in my Ready Room then.
I attached my Third Officer LCDR Fola to anchor any uncompleted away mission recoveries with my escort vessel USS Friesland and the USS Kurosawa.

Then ordered Operations to review the Latest War maps
for Enemy activities that might have an impact on my mission.. 140 years is a long time to sleep my planetary friend why now I wonder. ? Closing my Captains Astrometrics chart ..I reviewed available officers Brig and Sick Bay records and waited the STaff.

The degree of closed files menta visit to a Starbase to calling off the record favours.. As a Tactical Captain.
I expect something on the lines of the USS Fleming at the worst or Operations would have ordered some squishy bubble fish to do this work. What Can We Find Out about the background of the missing researchers.
Its usually a peacetime luxury to perform the interesting brave new worlds type of mission

In 2367 Enterprise-D was ordered to survey this site.. and was called off for a highly classified.. almost OMEGA level issue.
my Security Chief being a Team Empire refuge like myself and the senior crew. has drawn out the "OLd Painless,Predator"kit"

An archaeological survey.. is our mission.. People review your charts and data... My Vulcan Science officer Sabin recommended Celebium shielding based on his peoples T'Pol level INTEL. my Medical Officer is concerned about the length of time this planet has been uninhabitable .and recommends EVA suits and limited time and a rotation..and a Medical team on the surface inside a shuttle in case. no beam down.
My Engineering team is recommending drones and reinforced domes pattern buffer enhancers
As an up- and coming Starfleet Captain of 12 Trill decent Ive seen alot of harsh events...but when my Squadron Admiral showed me the name Dr Lester,JAnet SF Ach Div.. I requested a visit to the Nexus for the Spirit of Kirk. My Admiral said ADMKirk must have sealed the whole data and took it with him o DRake had something cooking or both and we dropped the matter.. afte rhe ask or-the IOU. and said he was glad to know meidintseepasthis poker face to tell if he was kidding or not.

<<Computer cuts off Session>>
<<Further Access to this file is sealed and restricted>>