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01-24-2012, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
In STFs it could very well be. Enough key targets in STFs are unshielded that the third torpedo would more than make up for losing the cannon. But dealing with shields (Say Donatra or Tac cubes), there's no way the quad can beat two DHCs and you're just pumping torpedoes into shields that negate them down to pretty much nothing.
Possibly. But in STFs there's also four other ships pumping energy into shields so, in my escort, I can make attack runs on the unshielded - or less shielded - sides. And even then, in solo content, I don't notice a major difference. It could just be my perception of it, but I still contend that the quad cannons are a viable - albeit not optimal - weapon for endgame, at least on the PVE side. (I don't PVP, so I can't comment, nor am I particularly concerned, about its viability in PVP.)

And in the end, it's my ship. I'll use 'em if I want to, gorrammit. :p