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01-24-2012, 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by Nikola_Tesla
Zero, have you investigated my reports of those renegade lamps at Starbase 39?
Admiral T'Nae suspects that they may be Undine or Tal Shiar operatives in disguise.
Admiral Zelle just thinks she drinks to much.
One would think by now that it's pretty obvious that the Lamp Thing you have mentioned..., well..., numerous times...

Is NOT any where near the Top, of Their List-of-Things-To-Do.

And as I have said (also several times) the Lamps Might Just be Exactly the way They want them to be.

Not to dismiss your concern, but these Lamps that you keep bringing up, really aren't all that offending.

The ones Floating are not something all that far-fetched in a Star Trek setting, as ANTI-GRAVITY Platforms were seen as far back as episodes of The Original Series.

I agree that the ones in the middle of the main corridor are a bit of a pain, but they are easily maneuvered around in less than a second.

I'm not really sure why you keep harping on this very minor aspect of the game...?...