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01-25-2012, 06:17 AM
“Captain’s log, supplemental

The Magnificent has arrived in orbit of Camus II. The planet for all intents and purposes is dead. There is no life and no sign of any civilisation ever have existing on the planet’s surface. Whatever catastrophe befell the people of Camus II has destroyed everything. There are large levels of an unknown radiation which has saturated the planet and have made detailed scans of the planet nigh on impossible. At current we are preparing a team to go down to the planet in an attempt to ascertain more information.
My current concerns fall to what really happened here and if we will discover anything. My mission is to find out what happened to that science team all those years ago but from what we have seen so far I believe that to be impossible. However as an explorer and a man of discovery I will do all that I can to find out.
Ketan out.
Computer end log”

Ketan looked out of his ready room window over the world below. It was a dark orange of swirling spirals. Its atmosphere has been polluted by massive amounts of radiation saturated dust; nothing could live on that world. From time to time there was a wave of light that seemed to glide over the dust but was in fact the suns reflected light.
The door to Ketans Ready room chimes “Yes” In walks James a human who was Tactical chief aboard the Magnificent.

“We have preformed a more detailed scan of the area that Asuras wants to go look at. She is preparing a team now to go down to the surface of the planet” James said handing a data pad to Ketan.

“Only four team members?” Ketan said surprised

“Yes sir Asuras sees no need to bring a large team as there appears to be nothing left down there”

“Right you are tell her to report to the captains yacht in twenty minutes I am going down to Commander” Ketan said sitting down in his chair. James raised an eyebrow and smiled

“You’re not sitting this one out then Ketan”

“I figured a good relaxing mission where we are not being shot at would be good for me” Ketan said jokingly

“Agreed” James turned about and left the ready room.

Ketan made his way to the Captain’s yacht to find three crewmen from the archeologically department tampering and modifying their equipment. The moment one of them saw Ketan they all jumped to attention “At ease” Ketan said as he strode past them into the yacht. “Asuras” he said looking around the ship

“Yes” came a response from the changing room

“Are we ready to leave yet?” Ketan said sitting down at the helm initiating the start up sequence.

“Aye Ketan that we are, just get everyone else onboard first” Asuras made noises that suggested she was struggling with something

“Are you ok in there?” Ketan said walking over towards the changing room. Asuras answered with a hesitant reply

“No, I’m stuck” she said rather amused

“What?” Ketan said walking in to the changing room to come across Asuras half covered in her environmental suit. She turned and looked at Ketan on arm was half in the sleeve the other somehow twisted around her back and was stuck where her head should go “You really made this difficult for yourself. I was going to suggest getting down to the planet surface first after all that is how we always do it for EV walks” Ketan started to help her pulling her arm out of the hood

“Yes but I really hate getting changed in public” Ketan sighed

“Yes yes fine” the voice of a crewman interjected

“Is everything alright” he said looking in with concern

“Yes everything is fine. Finish helping the commander would you” Ketan said “we need to get underway” within minutes the Captain’s yacht had detached from the hull of the Magnificent and made its way towards the swirling mass of dust