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01-25-2012, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by Jake81499 View Post
Yes, 4xAP mag regulators, Borg Console, Plasma Distro Concole combined give high DPS. Heavy cannons in front with one quantum in front. Turrets in back. Try to max your weapons skills and as much as you can in the Projectile skills. Use the Projectile Weapons DoFF for your topedos and BOs which have traits that will enhace your fighting and defencive skills.

Two good Doffs to have are the Hazard systems officer and Shield Distrobution officer.

The Space Warfare Veteran trait BO is very imprtant followed by the Leadership trait and the Efficient trait.

If you follow the first guide in this sig and build your ship around that you'll end up being pretty happy.

Most of that is very similar to what I'm running currently.

With Weapons set to max, they sit at 125 without a Plasma Distribution Manifold. I was under the assumption that adding more would not go beyond that.

However, not having experience with Elite runs, do people set their weapon power lower than max?

I'd love to get a Veteran BO, but unfortunately that is not an option.