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# 12 FRAPS is ready!
01-25-2012, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by Nikola_Tesla
Zero I made a FRAPS video real quick to show you what I keep barking about with the lamps at Starbase 39.

I apologize in advance my voice is not so great since I am recovering from a head cold.

Hope it helps.

Click here to watch my FRAPS Video

EDIT: If that link does work try this one, however you'll have to decompress it.

Click here to get the FRAPS File

EDIT EDIT: Dropbox is updating really slowly...I dont think either will work for another 2 hours.....CURSE YOU DROPBOX!!!
The file now works lol I recommend you watch it with VLC media player or make sure you have all your codecs ( It will be Audio only if you are missing a codec ).