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01-25-2012, 01:50 PM
For a Covariant Shield I would not bother with a Shield Emitter Amplifier. Covariant shields have Higher Capacity and Lower Regeneration rate. Covarient shields literally will take minutes to regenerate out of combat.

As an alternative to the Field Emitters, I suggest 2 corpies of Emergency Power to Shields (whatever versions you can get). EPtSs has 3 major benefits first is a minor shield heal, second is that is increases Shield Subsystem power which increases Shield Damage Resistance (Details in my guide), and third is added a Shield Damage Resistance buff which stacks with the base Shield Damage Resistance. You can run 2 EPtS back to back w/o any downtime.

2 EPtS would free up those Engineering Consoles slots for other consoles like Armor Consoles.