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01-25-2012, 01:20 PM
More data - I went into Tribble just now and faced black space, took note of FPS with and without ALT-F12 pressed

Test conditions:
Set graphics settings to minimum slider setting
Turn off Vertical Sync
Go to Advanced and uncap the framerate in Troubleshooting section
Face empty space in Vulcan sector block

Empty Space:
FPS with UI: 60.33
FPS w/o UI: 340.86

Estimated with heavy combat from playing LIVE:
FPS with UI (Heavy Combat): 11 (unplayable)
FPS w/o UI (Heavy Combat): 45

Interestingly, in both cases UI off multiplied the framerate by roughly 5 times.

Test system:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.5ghz***
EVGA NVIDIA 9800 GT SuperClocked Edition 512MB
8GB DDR2-667 system memory

My system is already out of date by about 3 years - if STO's UI is causing my system to choke I can only imagine what it's doing to less fortunate systems.

***Note that on modern Core i7 systems this problem probably doesn't crop up seeing as the CPU is fast enough to not even notice.

This issue may be going under-reported in the forums due to the extra FPS only manifesting when the ship goes to warp or the ESC key is pressed.

The above has been submitted to Cryptic as a bug report.