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01-25-2012, 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
5.5 turn rate. Looks like the Galaxy's been dethroned from the slowest-in-starfleet position.

Still, a cruiser with an LTC tac and ensign sci has always been my dream boff setup, and those universals will make it possible. It might pull me out of my MVAM for a few weeks.

I notice no mention of special powers.
Yeah, I do like the fact of the universal BOFF slots, and the hull and power bonuses are nice but....

Turn rate 5.5 and 3 sci and 2 tac consoles....YUCK! I don't see myself giving up my assault cruiser anytime soon.

Before it is not too late I'd strongly reccomend doing this,
  • Since it is the "latest" Starfleet design let's not have it handle worse than the Galaxy buses and at least make the turn rate slightly better than the assault cruisers.
  • Second, think outside the box and give it a "semi-universal" console slot that will accept EITHER a science or tactical console. Especially since pretty much all but a few science consoles really only benefit science captains the most whereas tactical consoles have the benefit of effecting all combat.
  • Third, why not just push this as the first "Tier 6" ship and give it a little something extra, maybe 3 science and 3 tac consoles, replace the ensign slot with a Lt.??? Give this thing a bit more edge and verasility.