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01-25-2012, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by PapaBlood
I am running the KHG shield and I havent noticed where I can tank 3 or 4 escorts ... Nor have I seen any other klingon in a BoP or Raptor tank that many ... But I have seen escorts not just 1 but lots of them tank 3 or more Bops ... Hell I seen Lone in his escort earlier today tank me in my BoP 2 carriers and a klingon cruiser ... 4 ships in all for well over 2 min before he had to break and run
I die just as fast with the KHG as I did with aegis before it.

It won't be suffering from the same problem, as it doesn't have a universal energy resist value to get the wrong way around.
I wonder of it would be worth checking that the plasma resist value is working correctly (ie: giving 20% resist instead of 80%)

Great job with the testing guys. I thought there was something fishy about this shield since the first time I shot at it. Good to know there's actually something wrong with it :p
Hopefully borticus of another dev will see this...