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Cause I am not too happy about that one.

Leveling my alts, and I noticed that leveling up to Lt Commander is 50%+ slower. Pre-F2P launch, I had to do up to the 3rd mission to be Lt. 6 now Lt. 5. But now I have to do AT LEAST 4 to 5 of the storyline missions to get to the same point. That is time spending grinding through missions I would rather not have to, so I could be prepared for events like Q Winter Wonderland and the upcoming 2 Year Anniversary event.

Does anyone know what the minimum requirement will be for Klingons? I need to make a new one that is a Borg, and I want to know how much I need to grind for that alt.

I would like to thank Cryptic though for letting us know well in advance what the event level requirements are, instead of just springing it on us during the event like they did with the Winter event.