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# 9 A ghost in the machine (pt. 1)
01-25-2012, 06:57 PM
Captain's Log, stardate 85049.10, supplemental.

The Acheron has been ordered to escort the Hooke to the Camus system, a region of space that has been off limits to any Federation personnel for 140 years. Before the space is opened up again the Hooke is assigned to run some surveys of its planets. Captain Lawson seems confident that any stories of ghost ships and phantoms are just local superstition. Some of my crew don't share his confidence.
Captain's Log, supplemental.

We have arrived at Camus II, an M class planet which has unusual energy spikes eminating from its core. The rapid fluctuations are causing the Van Allen belts to waiver and at times approach such dangerous levels of solar radiation on the planet that the Hooke Away Team has had to emergency beam off the surface twice.

Captain Lawson reports finding unusual erosion patterns on the surface which indicate that this planet could have been previously inhabited. The erosion has removed any evidence of how long ago they left and whether or not it was by force.
Captain's Log, personal.

Day 2 and Captain Lawson has requested additional security personnel from the Acheron; his sudden need for caution has me worried. Since the beginning it's been stupid mistakes and rookie errors, like not calibrating instruments before running tests. I would be more willing to provide my men if it didn't feel like he has made a mess of this expedition.

I'm going to assign my security chief to this. Feruse will know what it takes to get this mission back on track.
Captain's Log, supplemental.

Day 3, Captain Lawson reports finding an extensive cave system which appears to have been carved into the rock. He personally visited the planet to inspect what his engineers are calling "the Hall", a wide hallway with a low, pointed ceiling and computer panels lining every exposed surface. The actual hallway seems like hundreds of kilometers long. The universal translator is having trouble with the symbols on the screens. Touching a panel apparently causes rows and rows of symbols to stream down several meters in either direction.

Two of his Away Team and one of his crew from have gone missing, taken from the Hooke. No shuttles are missing and the transporters haven't been used.
Captain's Log, supplemental.

Day 4. The Acheron has lost a crewman, Ensign Trok. The Hooke has also lost 4 more, this time all but one from the ship. I visited with Captain Lawson and he invited me to see the only clue, the quarters of one of the crewmen. Lawson said the door was locked from the inside but the blood looks like the ensign had help spreading it around so thoroughly.

I don't know how else to say it: our people are being taken.