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# 333 ALIAS and CommandAliases.txt
01-25-2012, 09:01 PM
This post is a summary of the ALIAS command in Star Trek Online. It has been mentioned several times in this Keybinding thread, and it can be used to improve keybinding. A brief description is given in-game if you type /cmds alias.

An ALIAS is basically a shortcut to a longer command. For example, you can shorten /channelsend Accolades to /acc.

Unlike keybinds, which are saved between STO sessions, STO forgets your Alias commands as soon as you close the game. Fortunately, you can save and edit your Alias commands in the CommandAliases.txt file. As with keybind files, you should use Notepad to edit the file. If you edit your CommandAliases.txt while in game, you will need to exit and restart the game to see the effect. Keybind files, in contrast, can be saved then loaded in-game.

The CommandAliases.txt located in the Star Trek Online\Live\Localdata directory.

What can I do with an Alias command?
  1. Abbreviate longer commands
  2. Toggle keybind commands for a single key
  3. Cycle gameplay comments
  4. Crash your game

Chat Window
/Alias AliasName "Command 1 $$ Command 2 $$ Command 3"
CommandAliases.txt file:
Alias AliasName "Command 1 $$ Command 2 $$ Command 3"
If you are using a keybind file for you keybinds, then you know that the /bind command is ommitted from the file. In contrast, the CommandAliases.txt file requires the alias command to be listed on each line. Also, the quotes around the command(s) are required.

{} is a parameter holder that passes values from the Alias to the command.
Alias z "zone {}"
When you type /z Take out the Regen Probes first, you send a message to Zone without leaving your Team or Fleet channel.

Quotes "" are required. You may also link 2 or more commands with $$:
Alias hi "local Hello $target, today is a good day to die! $$ em bow"
<& &> are used as quotes around quotes.
Alias mfc <&channelsend "My Fleet Channel" {}&>
Alias an Alias
You can use one Alias command within a second.
Alias teamself "team {} $$ playersay {}"
Alias t0 "teamself Acquiring target: $target"