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01-25-2012, 11:52 PM
Thanks for the responses,but I don't think many of you read my initial comment fully.

If you made a character during the Winter event, that was an Engisgn and went to the Q event, you were told you could not do race until Lt 6. For some people that was an annoyance cause it meant a bit of quick grinding. That equated to doing the Azura, Vulcan and maybe the Lackney missions. At the end of those missions you were level 5 or beginning of 6 in the old system. Now if you do the same missions with a new character, you will at best be level 3.5.

I have not leveled up these new alts up to 11 or 30 for Captain rank as I do take the time to read the mission content and do the side mission and anomoly searches, but I have to cut those out because getting to Lt 7(old Lt 8) for Doff missions is taking too long.

So yes, my experience and I am sure the experience for other casual, non-MMO expert players is that each mission means you may7 or may not gain the level to do the next mission. Where before eavch mission meant you gained the level needed to do the next 2 to 3 missions. That's a BIG change and a slowdown in my book.

I do see why its done to ensure players spend more time with certain levels to make C-store purchases more viable and to temporarily keep players away from Klingon unlock. I just feel that the leveling slowdown was too extreme as it keeps me from leveling up alts for events quickly if only play 2 to 3 hours a day, and find most enjoyment these days from Doff system.