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01-26-2012, 02:06 AM
When sto came out levelling was quickish but took me awhile as i played slowly and just 1 character. With the early access for f2p ppl i thought there's an idea to try all the content again since s4. I levelled so fast due to doff system and borg encounters its ridiculous. I hate how they speed up the early game so they force ppl to get to the next ship etc because i bought a cony just for the start and ended up canning it after half a week which is a waste of 4 and don't say well u get the phasers because i bought it for the ship visuals not the phasers. Would have been nicer if it lasted me at least 2 weeks to a month.

So i have played about 3-4 weeks now with my new char and im rear admiral upper half 49 and i have just got up to the cardassian missions which i have had to skip because i fancy the breen set. I mean i can always play them later of course but still. RA UH 49 within 3-4 weeks of casual play i.e 2-4 hrs a day and thats about 4 days a week ish doing just story missions, doff system and borg encounters and just finished the last romulan mission set. Levelling imo is very screwed up.

My thinking is that they wanted the f2pers to level up really quickly and encourage them to keep buying stuff in the cstore i.e ships and stuff as they progress quickly which also makes f2pers think they are progressing well and they think to keep playing. Which makes the game levelling solely for the cstore not for the experience of the story.