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01-26-2012, 03:53 AM
Originally Posted by SkeeterUK View Post
Which makes the game levelling solely for the cstore not for the experience of the story.
Well, that's the reason FOR f2p....Cryptic got in trouble and Atari bought them, a year later Atari got tired of losing money so they sold it to Perfect World (which all their games are F2P) so NOW Perfect World has to make their money and the only way to do that is the few that will spend heaps at the C-Store. And the ones that spend heaps at the C-Store aren't the kiddies that get to Lt. Cmdr and say screw it because they can't get mum and dad to fork over money, the ones that spend the money are the older (20+) that have the resources and all they want to do is PVP or STF (Both requiring expensive (game or CP) gear.

They can't afford to be concerned with 'story'. I'm waiting to see them bring out Pay2Win super-ships and items. (PW is famous for that if you ever played Perfect World or Forsaken World)