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# 1 Flight-Cruiser loadout?
01-26-2012, 08:53 AM
I decided I wanted to try a carrier from start to finish for a char and as such now have an engineer who will get both the Dacoit and Corsair and eventually either end up in vo'quv or Karfi for end game.

That being said I am not sure how to load out the weapons on this thing... i was thinking of putting turrets on the back and dual beams and torps on the front and build it mostly toward shield tanking so that its more like my tac ships i am used to flying on fed side. I just dont know if that is viable... my guess is since its PVE most likely yes it is, I just want to have a ship that can do STF's and place well.

Also to me it seems that the tachyon interceptors are practically useless on the corsair. As soon as they are launched they are targeted by every ship and dead before they get to do anything at all, should I just use the drones from the dacoit on it instead, or did I do something wrong on the corsair with those tachyons?

(did a tac officer in corsair breifly but decided to reroll to engineer in the carriers)