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01-26-2012, 09:56 AM
Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
KHG = Fires a "Feedback Pulse" on the next person that attacks.
Personally, I feel that this effect is rather useless.

First of all, the effect doesn't really do noticeable damage. In addition to that, the proc is most reliable to go off when you're hit with a Borg Shield Neutralizer, although the chances are slim that it will go off early enough to matter, even if the damage were noteworthy. In other words, about the only time I really see it doing anything is when the feedback pulse is pinging some variant of a Tactical Drone that is already dead.

If a knockdown effect could be added to the pulse, that might make it a little more useful, but again, only when the proc is active while you're still actually fighting enemies.

Otherwise, I think a chance for a boost to energy weapon damage would be more useful. More fitting even, considering it's the KDF here.