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01-26-2012, 10:17 AM
  • New flyouts UI!
    • Item and numeric reward overhead flyouts have been moved to a special chat popout.
  • Improved icon art for all qualities of Unreplicatable Materials.
  • Unique icon art has been added for large shield, auxiliary, weapon and engine starship batteries.
  • Added new icon art for the ground STF set powers Adrenal Booster, Distortion Field, and Emergency Shield Capacitor.
  • Holding down the left/right buttons in the daily events will now continuously advance the event list, instead of just advancing once.
  • The Remove From Active Duty button is now disabled if the reserve roster is filled.
  • The scanning minigame stays now above the contact window and will not lose focus when another window comes up.
  • Added an option, in basic options, to turn off the auto-hail feature.
  • Changing a new Bridge Officer's Biography no longer changes the main character's biography.
  • Visiting a Ship Repair contact will no longer display the Captain as the default selection.
  • Increased the default width of the store and retrain windows.
  • When an event occurs more than once in a day, the transwarp button will always be enabled when the event is active.
  • The skill window will no longer display skills when in space and have your ship selected.
  • Skill-Based statuses now indicate when points have been spent in the applicable skills.
  • Updated the skill UI to indicate when it’s not possible to spend more points in either space or ground.
  • Updated the skill UI so that new tiers to train in light up as they are unlocked.
  • Updated Character Creation UI: Renamed button to “Customize Traits” and moved it out of the bottom window border.
  • The Beam to Ship button is now disabled during the tutorials.
  • Chat Settings now correctly update after clicking Reset All Tabs and Chat Settings.
  • Ground Powers no longer report incorrect amount of damage while in space.
  • The Tier 3 Excelsior C-Store item has an updated icon and image previews.
  • The calendar change month buttons work as expected again.