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01-26-2012, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by TheTrekkingAngel
There seems to be a little AH scam going on right now...


Someone places 2 x Very Rare MK X Quantum Chamber on the AH for say 500,000 EC

Then places 2 at 100,000 EC

When you go to sell yours, you probably place it at 95,000 EC to be cheaper. It's then snapped up and placed back on the AH for 500,000 EC by the person that's manipulating the sales.
I've noticed the exact same thing with DOFFs being posted on the Exchange... (but instead of being re-posted, their 'dismissed' for the Dilithium...) So if the lowest group of Doffs are below the exceptable range, if its a small group I'll ignore them (as they will soon be purchased by the marke) and post at my normal price... If its a large group posted below market value, I'll just put off posting Doffs for another day when the market looks better...

Knowing who is posting the 'items' isn't going to help, as you can easily have multiple users working together to accomplish the same thing... You should only post items on the Exchange at a 'price' that's your happy with... And if someone buys you out, you should be glad for the quick slot turn-around, and post something else to continue your profit stream...