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01-26-2012, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by Mongoson View Post
ok... here is the crux I have personally Zero. WHY reduce things when all that needs to be fixed is the time effect? Gozer lowers the toughness of elite, but that does no one any good, because here we lower the abilities of the armor that is designed specifically for those instances, by judging it on PVP.

Its why you cant balance this game PVP wise with PVE designed/inspired armor. Champions solved this by having a tag system so they could "deny" some things from being used in PVP that were meant for PVE only enviroments. that would solve sooooo much of the balancing issue it would be completely ridiculous, and allow the group freedom to create whatever they wanted.

PVP items can be PVP or PVE
PVE items can only be used in PVE enviroment, in a PVP map/instance they become inert and unusable/unselectable.

THe work Gozer just did to Elite settings in STF, just were for nothing because what he is doing is never going to work till the group messing with the armor DESIGNED for those instances is left alone to gauge those changes. If both sides keep changing things all the time, you all will NEVER get it to balance out.
I don't play enough to rack up enough EDCs or whatnot to get all the STF gear, but I enjoy playing the elite missions and tend to do just fine. The changes you speak of to the elite missions are valid even with changes to these gear sets since not everyone plays with them. These sets are still better than normal purple gear so I'm not sure what the problem is.