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01-26-2012, 10:33 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. As much as I'd like to say its not my hardware, this PC is about four to five years old. I've ran a chkdsk on the harddrive three times with no bad sectors found. I've also ran memtest86+ a few times with no errors indicated in my RAM.

These are the things I've been able to isolate so far.

Star Trek Online dosen't crash if I run it in safe mode from the launcher.
It does crash if the graphics are any setting even the lowest.
I downloaded City of Heroes today and installed it. After a successful install, I ran the game and it froze and crashed very similarly to STO, this was during the character creation screen.
I've also had the PC freeze like it does in STO but in Windows XP on the desktop. However I did have the STO launcher running in the background at the same time redownloading STO for the billionth time.

So anything else I can try?