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01-27-2012, 01:21 AM
Thanks for all the feedback and enthusiasm. It makes me personally very happy to hear such excitement and constructive feedback on these ships.

The Oyssey and Bortas should be on Tribbles this weekend for testing. They will be sans-costume, and they will look like sovereigns and neghvars on tribbles so we can save the big reveal for the anniversary event. We look forward to your testing feedback.

We are not sure what the final stats on these ships will be, but we think they are pretty close. I've heard some interesting ideas. One was to make the Odysssey consoles a 3/3/3. I'm not sure about that one, but we will consider it. The other idea I saw was to give the Odyssey the Sensor Analisys ability that comes on all science vessels. That's an interesting idea that would fit the federation well, and help compete with the Bortas tactical advantage. We will have to think about that one.

There has been some discussion about improving the turn rate of these ships. This is something we do not want to pursue at this time. These are big ships - just wait till you see them beside an intrepid or a D7. They are meant to turn slow and have a lot of HP. Giving them higher turn rates (even a little) will not only diminish the emense feeling of the ship, but it will simply make them too good. These ships are meant to feel powerful and fearsome, but are not meant to be the best ships and completely devalue all other ships. They will have a roll in the fleet and should not destroy the need for other ship classes. Hopefully, they will offer new game experiences that many will enjoy. even if they are not your style, we hope you enjoy their beauty and have fun with your anniversary present.

Well be watching these threads, as well as official tribbles treads for play test feedback. I anticipate minor tweaks, but nothing to drastic at this time.