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01-27-2012, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by Drakkonus View Post
Hello. I am having a number of problems:
I applied the Alienware promotion code to my account but am unable to get on the game to make us of the ENT era items or 10 day subscription. Then I downloaded the STO game. After I put my password in and hit enter I get a pop-up saying:
An error was detected by the game, would you like to verify all files?
NOTE: This may take 10-20 minutes."
I choose yes and allow the launcher to "verify" the files. After it is done, when it says "Ready" I click ENGAGE. The white lettered Cryptic logo appears a black background. My cursor is in the wait mode, in other words I can't click on any thing and the arrow is replaced with a rotating wheel. the the logo screen disappears and I see the launcher with the message:
"Fatal Error
Fatal Error: Unable to initialize on-demand patching and connect to Patch Server: The connection was idle for too long"
My only option is OK.
Please help my I really want to try the game and fly in an NX class ship with ENT era uniforms, but I fear my chances since I know them account will laps after Feb. 4th yet I haven't been able to get on to play at all.
I have yet to here a reply from my ticket, sent from the site's support section.
Sounds like you're having some network problems somewhere between your computer and our patchservers. Could be a firewall on your end blocking traffic. There's some nettest stuff you could do; it's mentioned in other threads by people who have similar issues.