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01-27-2012, 04:23 AM
I've patched now and with this latest patch, ATM the games seems to work perfectly. The light in Starbase 39 ( sierra system ) works perfectly. The plants in vulcan have the correct shadow ( with minor flickering but is good than the last performances ) and the textures in my engineering section are ok.

(for example this was the issue in engineering EDIT : I'll post this image tonight sorry )

Ah, maybe is useful for someone. After the patch I've try to switch in DX11 and I'd the various issues. So I exit on OS, restart the game and in log-in mený ( not the launcher, the log in mený in the game ) I've switched on DX9 and I've play. The game worked well...

So I've switch in DX11 and the issue have returned...

So I've re-switched to DX9 ( in game ) reduced the AA and AF both to 4x, and exit, then I've restarted and in log in mený I switch again with DX11. Another exit...another restard...

And the game ( for now ) seems to work correctly.

Maybe a issue with STO and AA+AF+DX9/11 ?