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01-27-2012, 05:18 AM
This is star trek online. Canon is always on topic when it comes to ship discussion. Especially when it comes to voyager, which is the subject of so much suspension of disbelief, it's hard to keep it in the realms of realistic possibility sometimes. This is one of those times, and one of the reasons the devs gave it a short cooldown. In the game it would be too OP for hit n run scenarios. In canon, if the federation had a fleet of indestructible ships, the star trek franchise would be fairly pointless as no other race would pose a threat. Imagine the worst case, that all races got this tech. Space battles would take years to resolve instead of minutes.

Still, let me put the ablative armor vs ablative generator subject to bed.

The ablative armor as worn by the Defiant and as described by the tech manual, is consummate with the definition and use of ablative armor in real life.

The 'ablative generator' of voyager fame is a future tech and is not 'ablative'.

The definition of ablative armor, is armor that is INTENDED to be destroyed by impacts, redirecting the energy of the projectile away from the target. 'Controlled disintegration' as the tech manual put it. This is REAL tech, it exists in current military tech. The ablative generator does not have this property (deliberate and controlled destruction) and therefore is not 'ablative'.

So what is it? If you want my opinion, it's a future holo-tech. Some special kind of photon to matter conversion which allows the armor to be pasted on the exterior of the ship on demand. If you want a reason why it has such a short duration, let's say that while The Federation has managed to utilise this future tech, power generation has not reached the same level of advancement and a standard starship is not capable of generating sufficient power to keep it up 100%.